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(Archived) Evernote - Open notes from links instead of opening in browser.

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Decided to place this in the general forum since it's not platform specific...


Ok - I have an article I captured into Evernote.  That article has links to other articles, all of which were captured into Evernote.  Since the source URL for a note is captured in the note metadata, I would like Evernote to check and see if the link in a note points to a URL that was captured and instead of opening the link in the browser, open the note that was created from that link URL.  Can that be done?  If so, that would be awesome.  That way I don't have to ever hit the web when I have multiple notes all related by links.  See the attached pic for a potential better visual explanation.


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I think I get what you're asking for, but I don't see why..  OK I also get that you can see the copy even when the internet isn't available.  So why not just change the link to your note rather than the source?  Seems like you're asking Evernote to do an awful lot of thinking every time you click a link.  And those of us who don't want to use that option have to wait through an unnecessary check every time we click a link before we can see a page...

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If you in Evernote and signed in, Account Info should be the first item under the settings charm



Hahaha. You said "charm." That's a Mac screenshot. Wait a second... does this mean the W8 interface is going to undergo some Macification?



Anyhow, in answer to the OP's question, "no," Evernote does not scan your account to see if you have clipped the web page at the end of a link in one of your notes. It might show you that note in the related pages at the bottom of your screen (on the Mac) if that is any help. I can see the use case for it, but in my opinion (I am not an Evernote employee), this seems like a fairly unlikely feature to have added, because it would require some kind of checkbox in the preferences to turn on/turn off opening a clipped note instead of a link. 

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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