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(Archived) Importing FileMaker Pro 7 data to Evernote

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I have a client who has used FileMaker Pro for 15+ years.  He'd like to start using Evernote, but doesn't want to lose the thousands of notes he has in FileMaker.  Is there a way to import the data from FileMaker to Evernote?  Even if we have to go through an intermediary program, I'd be interested in hearing suggestions.



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Thanks jefito.  I saw that article, too.  I was hoping for something more direct.  This guy probably has 40,000+ records in FileMaker.  The thought of a conversion, frankly, makes me short of breath.


At 3 per second,  that's around 4 hours.  Sounds like a good overnight operation!  (Or a barbeque evening...)

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