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(Archived) Request: Firefox extension - Move the menu item

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Look at my Firefox tools menu. There's absolutely no constancy when it comes to where menu items are added by add-ons. Stealther has decided to be first, CookieCuller has decided to be in a group next to Options for some reason. It's a mess. :(

But one thing I always want is at the very least is Options to be at the very bottom so I can find it quickly and click on it without even having to really look - It's one of the most needed and important menu items in the whole browser and one most people expect to find VERY quickly

Unfortunately Add to Evernote has decided it has to have prime position there now.

I know there are other add-ons that put themselves in that place - well I complain about them too :D

and I've successfully got the author to move the menu on some occasions.

I'm pretty sure some people will dispute this request and say Add to Evernote is just where they want it, but that's what I'd expect on the Evernote forum where people love the app (I'm actually a big fan myself!), but on the other hand every add-on creator could arrogantly think 'My add-on is SO good it should be at the bottom'.

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