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Feature request : expanding and collapsing notes under titles


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Hello Evernote developers.


I have been out there trying to find the best flashcard software and have now gave up (even for studyblue). I am here to request something quite similar to a flashcard app : I.e the ability to hide/ collapse or expand notes under a certain title. This can make it very easy for us students who have loads to study and repeat. 



#Salivary cytology
•  Aim
–  Differential diagnosis between malignant tumors and different afflictions  of the salivary glands
•  Techniques:
–  Saliva     harvest;
–  Centrifugation of the harvested saliva from parotid or submandibular gland;
–  Application of the sediment on microscopy slides;
–  Fixation;
–  Staining
–  Examination


I would like to collapse everything under this topic "salivary cytology" so i can see how well i remember this. Can this be done or do i have to ask elsewhere? Thanks a lot.


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Here is how I would do it with the Widows client:

Put only the key word salivary cytology in the note title
Put the description points in the body of the note
Tag the note with Flash-Card
Repeat for additional key words

To bring them up:

Switch to the Vertical List View (Ctrl + Shift + F5), and kill the Left Panel (F10), [this is my default view]

Then search for tag:Flash-Card

To study:

Use your mouse wheel to scroll down the list of titles - key words (but don't click yet). Try to recall the description points. When you want to see the details of a specific key word, click it and Evernote will open up the note.

I would also create a blank flash card for the 1st one.

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My suggestion is slightly different: I'd like expandable/collapsible paragraphs in the mobile app's note window.

Here's why: the space on a mobile device is limited, so the collapse of a paragraph out of focus could make sufficient space with the ease of the overview of the whole text.

Next step could be the drag&drop rearranging of the nested paragraphs.

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