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(Archived) Windows Mobile and proxy

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I know this does not work at the moment but I would like to suggent an new feature for a new version.

I use a WM6 phone with WiFi access at work. We use a proxy at work which works fine in IE on the WM6 phone, but Evernote does not use the proxy so I cannot use it over WiFi.

If you could get Evernote for WM6 to use a proxy that would be great.


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Ok, thanks for the report. We use the Windows Internet (WinInet) networking as IE, so Evernote should be able to access our servers if you're able to log on to our mobile web site using IE on that phone without any browser errors:


However, we've heard of a few phones that don't handle the network transition from the mobile network to WiFi correctly. You could try rebooting the phone so that it starts on WiFi first, and then see whether Evernote works.

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