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(Archived) Start / Launch Evernote - Random Notebook and Tags


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Everyday when I launch (start) Evernote for Windows, it's always an adventure what Notebook and what tags it thinks it is going to display.  


Today it is showing what I attach in the screen shot.  This was "the final straw" (for lack of better words) as these tags would have * nothing * to do with this notebook.


Anyone have any ideas what controls this?


Can a feature request be put in to maybe display what was last displayed?


Thanks in advance.


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Mine comes up with the last note I looked at - try totally exiting Evernote; shutting down the window and making sure the system tray is empty,  then start it up again and see whether it comes up with the last note you were looking at.  If there's any hiccup - support ticket.

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