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(Archived) Can't export from iPhone 4s


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I have an iPhone 4s and I recently downloaded the Skitch app. I created a graphic and emailed it to myself to check it out. The graphic is in the body of the email and not an attachment. How do I export a Skitch graphic so that I can put it on my computer desktop and add it to a website or newsletter? When I click on the send icon I don't see export - only "create public link," "email" and "camera roll." The graphic is in the email when I send it but not in a format where I can save it or drag it to my desktop. Where are the menus on the iPhone to export or save as a jpg? Thank you.

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You cannot save a JPG to an iPhone. iOS does not have the ability to save an arbitrary file to the phone. This is an iOS constraint. That said saving the image to your Photo Library will save it as a JPG. There are third party tools that interact with your Photo Library that will let you extract or transfer the images.


Also the image in the email is indeed a PNG. You can email this image to yourself and then simply drag and drop it to your desktop on a Mac as a PNG. 


If you are using a Mac, you can also download Skitch for Mac (either from the Mac App Store; or from evernote.com/skitch) and simply sync your notes that way and use any of the Skitch Mac's Drag Me or Export options to save the file to your desktop.

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