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(Archived) Penultimate 4.1


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I like penultimate before it was part of evernote!


I got the new version of penultimate today and what a pain.   Below is pain points


1.  syncing did not work at all.  Kept saying my password is incorrect even thought I had logged in successful before that and on the website. This is a second occurance where i had to go back and change password after an upgrade.

2.  syncing did not work for quite a while and everything I clicked to open an existing notebook it crashed!

3.  the pen / stationary is at the bottom now... sometime you are so used to where your toolbar/menu is and now I have to change.  even turning pages is lower left/right instead of upper like before the upgrade. if changes like this are made we should have options to move the stationary and page turn to what we prefer instead of being forced.  - Well i discovered this is in the setting but the default is new location. doh

I want to avoid making any further upgrades to penultimate can we do that.


Penultimate was one of the best handwriting tool and now I'm looking to change... anything better out there?

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