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(Archived) My evernote menu bar not viewable in windows 7


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When I view my evernote account in the general display with the "Tags" to the left hand side and the "Notes" are the right...at the top my view of the "Save" button is hidden by a Green bar....is this a result of some needed adjustment to Evernote or Windows 7.


Very annoyinig, I have to create notes and tags on my tablet; I can only view on the desktop.

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Are you talking about the Web client or the native Windows client? I don't know of any "Save" button. Maybe a screen cap would help.

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The "Save" Button is the Evernote application....after creating a Note or Tag....and you want to 'Save" you enter on this button....because of the "Green Bar" at the top of my screen I cannot see the Save button.

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