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(Archived) REQUEST: OpenMeta tagging support



If you haven't heard of it, there's a new initiative between a number of software developers to create an open, extensible metadata tagging system. One of the apps using it is called "Tags", which aims to provide a systemwide, application-aware tagging window. I would love if Evernote would support this. According to the developer of Tags, an app need only provide applescript visibility of "context", such that the app can access whatever file (note in this case) is the focus. The other thing then is if Evernote's tagging system could be compatible with OpenMeta's attributes.

The big benefits of this would be twofold:

1) Tagging Evernote notes would be just the same as tagging anything else on my system, making it an easier habit

2) Evernote notes could be included in systemwide spotlight searches, including applied tags (awesome!)

For example, if I'm working on a project, I could tag relevant files, emails, and Evernote notes with the name of the project, such that I could search for all three types of information relevant to my project with a single search.

Anyway, here is the relevant info. I hope you'll consider it:

OpenMeta: http://code.google.com/p/openmeta/

Tags: http://gravityapps.com/tags/

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I am currently using Leap to see Evernote's keywords, which helps a lot.

I'm using Leap as well but am unable to find any Evernote tag. Where do I (or better Leap) find Evernote's entries and tags?

Thank you.


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I'm guessing that Evernote have gone far enough down the road with their own tagging model that to change now will be a very large amount of work for a relatively small return.

I'd be very surprised if they adopt OpenMeta support.

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+1 for OpenMeta support.

I'm now at a crossroad. I'll decide if I continue with Evernote (if openmeta comes in the game) or if I have to stop using it because it doesn't feet my needs anymore in regards of drilling for info.

Openmeta is very useful as it "links" different usage into one big view of information.

Still I like Evernote for it's synchronization features between iPhone and Mac.

Have a nice day.

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I am currently using Leap to see Evernote's keywords, which helps a lot. Having the tags in Evernote actually be OpenMeta tags would be fantastic for accessing notes. A Leap forward (pun) in Evernote usability since, frankly, the tagging mechanism in Evernote is just too limited in its ability to actually drill down to locate notes.

+1 for OpenMeta support





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yesterday I downloaded Evernote to try it for the first time and it looks really promising, but soon after trying out some things I really missed Open Meta tagging support. On my Mac I work a lot with Yep together with Tagger and it would be really helpful when I could load a tagged document from my computer into Evernote without the need to tag it all over again and vice versa! And when changing a tag, it's only needed to be done once.

I also don't like that, at least on my iPhone, a tag automatically starts with a capital, very inconvenient, because I hardly need a capital only with names...

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I've become quite attached to Houdahspot on the Mac, and have started appreciating the value of tags (the Openmeta kind).

The thought of Openmeta integration in Evernote gets me salivating. I doubt this is something the Evernote team will seriously consider adding (it's essentially a "power user" feature that's limited to the desktop Mac), but I thought I'd chime in anyway.

+1 for me.

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Inspired by nitinbadjatia's post I tested further in Leap, and I can confirm that evernote tags are seen in leap, if and only if you activate the option "show read-only keywords as tags". That is the little key icon at the bottom left. This is fantastic already.

Having the tags as true openmeta entries would be even better of course.

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+1 for formal OpenMeta tagging, but here's something interesting...

I was test driving Leap http://www.ironicsoftware.com/leap/index.html and noticed that if you do a 'deep' search for tags, it finds data elements (such as jpegs, pdfs, etc.) that were tagged by other applications. I first noticed because I did search for a company name in Leap, expecting PPTs that I had tagged for that company. Leap returned those ppts, but also other items. The breadcrumbs lead to the Evernote note where there were jpegs that the company must have tagged on their website. I ran this search several times, with other tags, and got very interesting results out of Evernote - using Leap.

This isn't exactly related to OpenMeta, but I thought it was interesting. I suppose evernote could expose note tags in a similar fashion.

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+1 for openmeta

There is already a nice way to seach for tagged notes with spotlight: keyword:mytag. (an openmeta search would have been tag:mytag).

With the free application "Tag Folders", if you open the tag folder "mytag" it will show you your files tagged with openmeta but also your EN matching that tag. This i because the associated spotlight search is "keyword:mytag OR tag:mytag".

Yet, many other openmeta applications don't do this, and it would be great if EN would automatically add an openmeta tag to each note. This would allow great applications like "Leap" to also include EN in search results!

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I'm all for OpenMeta tagging too. We need to start pulling some of these disparate systems together to be really useful and OpenMeta is a way. If you don't address it, people will migrate to a solution that does -- please keep Evernote alive, we love it.

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Yes please, OpenMeta is a great initiative, and I would love to see Evernote support it.

As I've posted on other threads, tagging in Evernote currently is a complete mess and greatly needs overhaul, which I understand from a recent podcast is on the roadmap for this year. I would strongly encourage you to do as the first poster suggested and take a look at this open framework.

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Right now I have notes in evernote that go along with projects I have tagged with open meta. I create smartfolders that search for specific groups of openmeta tags in order to collect files that belong to a project. I would love to have my evernote notes show up as results in that search. I would also love to edit evernote tags with an outside browser in case I change the names of my tags, or need to add a tag to a group. Please support openmeta tagging!

Thank you for all your effort in creating a wonderful cross platform program.

- Danny

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+1 from me

Advantages: I do not have to upload everything into EverNote but all files tagged with OpenMeta and my Evernote Notes would be easily searchable by Spotlight with the same syntax for tags ... and I could have my tag cloud by using one of the other tools supporting OpenMeta.

On the other hand: I could easily do without OCR of images. For me that is only "nice to have".

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Silence generally means "we read this and don't have immediate feedback, but thanks for the suggestion."

This was the first any of us had ever heard of this, and we very rarely commit to working on anything without discussing all of the other exciting things people want us to do, etc.

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