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(Archived) Display corruption with screensaver with Evernote running


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I recently installed Evernote on my Windows 7 x64 machine and am having trouble with display corruption when resuming from screensaver (blank screen) with Evernote running (even minimised or in notification area).  If I exit Evernote this doesn't occur.  I don't have the same problem with any other program.  To redraw the screen I hit Windows key + D to show the desktop at which point the screen redraws and all is good until the screensaver kicks in again.


Any ideas?





Evernote (268644) Public

Windows 7 x64

Dual NVIDIA GeForce GTX680 (SLI)

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I'm not using Outlook either, and don't have it installed.  I've tried disabling everything else, and closing all programs and services that don't need to be running and the problem persists.

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