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(Archived) Syncing stopped suddenly, unable to start

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I'm using Evernote on OS X, iPhone, iPad and Windows 8. In all cases my account suddenly stopped syncing. I've tried logging out and back in, restarting, rebooting my router, testing from another internet connection to no avail.


The error I'm receiving from OS X desktop version is: Synchronization Failure: Evernote is unable to connect with the Evernote Service. This may be due to a network problem or service maintenance. Please try again later. If enabled, automatic synchronization will resume once the Service becomes available.


When I try to sign in to the web app, I'm redirected to http://evernote.com/maint-shard.php which looks like the attached screenshot. Chrome, Firefox, IE... all the same. Although Evernote is reporting that everything is up and running smooth.


I even went to upgrade to Premium to get priority support, but get the same http://evernote.com/maint-shard.php splash page. Can't even log into my account to upgrade.


Skitch also isn't syncing.


Anyone else having similar issues? What else can I do to test/resolve?


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