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(Archived) EN is storing multiple copies of data on my hard drive



First - I made the mistake of installing EverActionTags (a service referenced in the DevCup page). Now my Mac EN is in permanent sync mode and does not really sync. Nothing will stop it other than a force quit of EN. This does not seem to have affected my data, and I am able to access it both with the web-based model and the IOS app.


To try to fix the problem, I have tried erasing and reinstalling EN (I used AppCleaner which usually finds all the mixed bits of code which are scattered around the system). This has not worked in getting rid of whatever malware is attacking my EN client. When I reinstall, the problem returns with the added issue that EN decides to duplicate all the data from what is already on my hard drive. It does not seem to remove the old data after the reinstall.


My questions:

1. How do I completely flush the old EN files from my hard drive so that I can do a "virgin" reinstall?

2. How do I determine what the one true copy of my data is so that I can toss out all copies?




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