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(Archived) Atlas Location Error



Hi Guys


I notice on the Atlas view in IOS or Mac i have about 600 notes located in my area. When i drill in i see these split up to 25 different areas when in fact they should be my home address.


How can i collect all these notes and enter the correct location to them all in bulk?


I am struggling to see if this is possible. It would be nice to have an option to set your own location in settings of your home /office.


Also i use Windows 8 and would like to know if i can add a default geolocation so all my notes at home are pinned to the correct address .



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From what I know, the location of Evernote notes are based on the longitude and latitude of the place that you input your note or you input the longitude and latitude of the note's location specifically.  

If your notes are relative to some restaurants, companies, stores, ....  that you only know their address, then you may consider new 3rd party iOS application-GoLater.  With it, you can just tag the notes with g:/address and GoLater will  automatically allocate your notes to maps on your iOS devices after you sync and browse the notes.   Welcome to have a look at the details and download for a trial:


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