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(Archived) Standalone Evernote Scanner

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In order to make a move to a paperless life, I would like to install a scanner in my house to scan my post as I open it.  Ideally this should be standalone, i.e. it will not be attached to a computer, but will scan documents and in an ideal world send them directly to an evernote notebook.


If the standalone option is not possible I have the option of hooking the scanner up to a Raspberry Pi running Ubuntu which could do some of the processing in order to get it over to Evernote.


I’ve searched a good deal and I have yet to find a suitable solution to this problem, is this possible? Can anyone provide any assistance?

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FWIW, working under the "don't put all your eggs in one basket" theory, I keep copies of important things not only in Evernote, but also on my hard drive. And of course, my hard drive gets backed up and my EN gets backed up. So I prefer to scan to the target folder on my hard drive, than add a copy to Evernote.

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Agreed, what I'm probably going to do is scan to a network folder and then automatically sync that folder with evernote.


FYI, Evernote does not sync with folders on your hard drive.  The Windows desktop allows importing of new/changed files (as new notes) & I understand there is an Apple script another user created to do this on Macs.  But it does not "sync" to a folder.  IOW, if you create my_file.pdf, it can be imported.  But if you change my_file.pdf, a new note will be created with the newly updated file.  The original note in Evernote will remain the old copy.

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