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(Archived) Feature Request: quicker linking

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I started using evernote regularly and I am very content with the UI in general.


But I have one Idea to possibly make things a little easier:


If you insert a link e.g. in Microsoft Word by marking text and clicking on add hyperlink in the metamenu, word checks if there is something that looks like a hyperlink in the clipboard and automatically inserts the url into the textfield in the dialog.


This could possibly save a lot of ctrl-v's oder inserting by right clicking in the linking-dialog of evernote desktop-versions.



Additionally, what about a "quick link" entry for the right click menu? Meaning if you select text and there seems to be a hyperlink in the clipboard (hyperlink meaning http://* and evernote://*, maybe mailto:* and others).

This could for example be useful for linking other notes:

1. right click on note you want to link -> Copy Note Link

2. Select Text to use as link or just put cursor where link (with note title) should go to

3. click possible "quick link" entry from meta menu



I hope this is understandable, feel free to ask.


Greetings from Germany


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Welcome to the forums,  and +1 for improvements to the note links process -  it has been suggested before,  but it can't hurt to remind the team!

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