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My evernote has not synched in over 2 weeks!

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I downloaded evernote about 3 months ago. It started out fine. But for the past two weeks it has simply not synchronised with my computer and iPad. Apparently the servers cannot be reached but I have full internet access on both computer and ipad. I then decided to log out on both computer and iPad and then we I logged back in, I lost 11 notes. 


Has anyone else experienced this problem? Any advice on how to fix this? 

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Hi - welcome to the forums.  My Evernote syncs on a daily basis,  so there seems to be a problem with your connection somehow.  Have you tried checking your account via a web browser?


The connection would be from the server to/ from your computer,  and from the server to/ from your iPad,  with notes being daisy-chained back and forth from your computer->server->iPad,  so if the connection is bad,  the notes could be anywhere.


Check in the trash to see whether you have anything important (like the lost notes) there,  then empty the trash.  Make sure your computer can connect to web pages using Internet Explorer,  and try a sync again.  Let us know what error messages you see.


I'd suggest you also raise a support ticket (see below) for extra help!

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I have the same problem but with my Samsung galaxy, I have emptied the trash on my PC but still it won't sync and I raised a support ticket but no response yet even though its been more than a week!!!



On my phone I get the error "Last sync failed at 21 Apr 13.58 columns note_guid, tag_guid are not unique"


This is the error log below:





IsTablet: false
Locale: en_GB
Service: https://www.evernote.com
Package: com.evernote
Brand: google
Model: Galaxy Nexus
Network operator: 23415 / vodafone UK
Android version: 4.2.2
Evernote version: 5.0.3
Evernote revision: AndroidMarket_50x_335
Evernote type: public
Internal storage: 4 GB / 13 GB
External storage: 4 GB / 13 GB


Exception: null
Date: Thursday, 14 February 2013
Type: Note
Guid: 5dbf5f56-6616-47e4-88be-3c25dff686dc
Count: 0
Exception: null
Date: Sunday, 17 February 2013
Type: Note
Guid: 3eb305b5-9d4d-4fb1-aaa0-7d12e6eb09d9
Count: 0
Exception: EDAMUserException(errorCode:DATA_CONFLICT, parameter:Tag.name)
Date: Wednesday, 27 March 2013
Type: Tag
Guid: 37a6df5f-4829-4c95-b3fb-9b65643d7eb5
Count: 1

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Did you get an automatic response when you opened your ticket? If not, then you probably haven't succesfully opened one. You should also check your spam folder to make sure your mail client isn't helping you out by being too clever.

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For many months can no longer sync from Android Focus. (Using free Evernote)


Reads 'last sync failed (date) error 10 disk I/O.'


(I don't know how to send the detailed info like above unless I get a force close, 

or how to email Evernote support.)


I am very ill (brain injury) and often can ONLY work from smartphone so the sync is a critical issue for me.


I am a computer newbie. All help is appreciated. My apologies beforehand- I need simple detailed direction.

Are replies to my query posted here?


(Am I in wrong place to post this here? If so what is correct address/URL?)


(On a side note what is the text limit for a note? Didn't know about it till I read on forum:

''...the confusion about upload limits is understandable. I think Evernote could do a better job of telling us the limits (there are some limits that I didn't know about until recently, even after years of using the service -- the limit on how much text can be inside a note is one that comes to mind). I think anyone (including the staff at Evernote) would agree that things could be made clearer, and the website could be improved so that this information is easier to find...)


Thank you


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Hi - I converted your post to a support request so you should get some feedback from Evernote soon.  You should see their emails in your normal mail client.  I don't know what they might suggest to help you,  but the error message you quote suggests Evernote wasn't able to read your hard drive properly.  Do you get any local help with your computer?  You may need some assistance to clear off old files or carry out some housekeeping.


Your first reply from Evernote will be a support ticket reference number.  If you can post that number here,  an Evernote employee may be able to give you some additional feedback through the forum.


As to your size enquiry - I don't have the text size limit handy,  but I believe it's pretty large.  The general rule is "keep your notes small" - it's easier to find stuff!

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Encountered the same error for a couple of days ("Last sync failed at [date | time] columns note_guid, tag_guid are not unique"). To resolve, I uninstalled and re-installed the Evernote app on my Google Nexus Android phone; sync is working again. The root cause is likely a corrupted or bad data file. This is a quick, albiet inconvenient, way to fix the issue. 

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