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other Handwritten editing of handwritten notes?

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I hope this is the right category for my question.

I am a teacher and until now I still use my paper based teachers calendar. I think it is cool to take a picture of something handwritten to upload it to Evernote. But I am not sure if there is a possibility, to edit a handwritten note in the same way. For example I have a page with a table of notes, my students got within the last month. I take a picture and Evernote recognizes this table and integrates it with the already existing table which I uploaded a month ago, or which I created using Excel. Is this possible with my smartphone camera?

Or maybe with the livescribe Smartpen? This device should recognize the paper as the same one I wrote on before...!?

thank you :-)

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Summary: yes a Livescribe should allow editing previous pages but I can't confirm for sure.


Caveat: I haven't used a Livescribe because I have so many other gadgets I've not been quite able to justify it. However, I spent quite a lot of time researching the technology (I'm a programmer) of theirs and competing pens. I have used the IBM Crosspad in the past which is a spiritual ancestor of Livescribe.


The basic technology from Anoto uses a microdot page that is theoretically unique for every single page around the world. This means that in theory, yes, even after a page has gone from the memory of the pen, the software side should be able to reconcile your changes as being on that specific page.


I found this very critical thread from 2012 about the Sky pen experience. That makes me wonder if the software currently supports this reconciliation.


I suggest asking another question specifically about the Livescribe Sky and ability to edit old notes.

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