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Rotate Penultimate Pages for View in Evernote



I love that my Penultimate Stacks/Notebooks and Notes are now in Evernote... however, since I take all of my Penultimate Notes in Landscape Mode (iPad tilted with cover) I can't READ them in Evernote. When I open the note in Evernote and right-click, I even SEE the option to rotate clockwise, but it is "greyed out" and can't happen.  This makes the fact that all of my Penultimate notes are stored in Evernote useless... Obviously, I am not the only one  with this problem, but Online Help just tells me to "right-click" which does not work. HELP!

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I would be keen to know if fixing this is on the agenda. It has been frustrating me for a long time but figured that Evernote might need a few months to get the integration with Penultimate right. It seems to be taking a lot longer than that.

Can anyone from Evernote provide any information on this?

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Could be awesome! with document rotation to match the iPad, and properly if landscape Penultimate docs displayed correctly in Evernote. I Always use the iPad in landscape mode. The disconnect here minimizes the value of Penultimate for me. I just checked again today after having the app installed for months and am disappointed to find that it's still the same and that there is no indication that this behavior will change.

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I have this exact same problem. Can Evernote please fix this? Otherwise it makes the great part of having Penultimate work with Evernote - being able to take my iPad to meetings and write on it with my stylus and then know the notes are saving to Evernote - slightly pointless, because to even read them in Evernote I have to crane my neck.

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Not sure why this issue has not been addressed.  Most ipad cases are designed to prop the ipad at an angle only in landscape mode.  I would imagine that the inability to rotate notes to landscape in evernote creates a major annoyance for many people who want to use penultimate + evernote with an ipad case. 

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Yeah it's really stupid. What's more stupid is that it was posted about in April and no one has done anything about it. Do Evernote pay a blind bit of attention to these boards, or are they too busy swimming in the money pile they made from overpriced moleskines?

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Here is another testimonial and one suggestion on this topic.

I have read EN's justification for this behavior. I praise their effort to innovate, this might have been a good idea. My experience says it's not. Indeed, if you use a paper template with horizontal lines, you want the sheet of paper to turn in the direction you read. My latest experiment is striking: I have purchased from EN a set of paper templates. I am very happy using the "week planner 2" template, however Penultimate does not allow me to use it in landscape mode (otherwise, the day boxes and day labels are rotated)!!!

My suggestion would be to offer the option to enable / disable the rotation. This would make everybody satisfied.

It would be verrrrry appreciated to have a feedback on whether a fix / change in this function is planned for an upcoming new version. This would prevent frustrated users to switch to other solutions on the market (I am using alternately NoteShelf ; it has anything I need, from functions to quality, BUT, very sadly, Evernote synchronization).

Thanks to the EN team.

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This is still a problem.  There is an option to save the image, which works fine and I can rotate the image outside of Evernote, but when I rotate this saved image Evernote does not notice and it does not rotate the image inside of Evernote.  I see that the Windows version also has rotate options in Evernote, but they are greyed out.  Would love to see a fix to this.



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