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(Archived) Syncs within Skitch but not to Evernote


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My error seems to be different than the other syncing problems.


Just started using the latest version of Skitch. (May have had an older version loaded on my iPhone and iPad.)

I created an image and marked it up on a freshly downloaded new installation on my iMac.

That image syncs and displays on in Skitch on the iPhone and iPad.

It does not, however, show up in the Skitch folder in Evernote. By the way, I didn't create the folder manually.


My other notes in Evernote are syncing. It's just Skitch I'm having issues with.


And, there are no error messages that I can see.



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Let me just confirm the following:

  • You can create a Skitch note on Mac
  • You can create a Skitch note on iOS
  • You can see notes created on a Mac on your iOS devices
  • You can see notes created on your iOS devices on your Mac
  • If you look in Evernote (not Skitch) on Mac you do not see the Skitch notes you created on your Mac


If all of the above is true, then it sounds like your Skitch Mac's default folder is set to something other than the folder that you use for iOS. At some point when you first started using a Skitch client you were prompted to either create a Skitch folder, or select a default folder. 


On the Mac you can check and change the default folder by going to Skitch->Preferences in the menu bar, and checking/changing your default folder in the screen shot below.



If you need to check your Notebook setting on iOS (or change it) you can go here:


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This topic is now archived and is closed to further replies.

This topic is now closed to further replies.
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