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(Archived) Search tags with created date of less than or equal to today


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I have EN 4.6.4 on Windows.  I want to create a saved search to find notes where the created date is EITHER today OR less than today. I first tried -created:day and that of course does not work because it only gives me tags for before today but does not include tags created today.  I then tried -created:day+1 but that doesn't seem to work either as the +1 doesn't seem to increment the day and "1" becomes another search term in my query.  So is there no way to do this without specifying a specific date?

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You are correct. Evernote has been aware of this issue for at least 3 years.


I asked a similar question about the search grammar for notes scheduled for today (not just earlier today, but the entire day) and the Forum Moderator said:

Dave Engberg - April 9, 2010

We plan to add the ability to specify a due date for a note, to sort the note list by due dates, and to be able to search for notes within a range of due dates. This would permit, for example, a saved search for notes with an effective due date of "today" or "this week."


Later in 2010 he was more specific about searches for today and said:

Dave Engberg - October 04, 2010
We're adding '+' to the grammar in anticipation of due dates, so you'll be able to do:

But as of right now, there is no satisfactory solution for the Evernote clients or mobile devices to search for all notes scheduled for the entire 24 hours making up today. The search term -created:day+1 does work in the web version.

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