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Issue with ReadIris 14 Mac and save to evernote

Marc Teutelink

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I just bought an IRIScan Anywhere 3 and am trying to use the accompanied Readiris 14 for Mac to turn the JPG scans into PDF's (or DOCX's) and then save them to evernote. However, they do end up in evernote, but the body of the note contains 'null' and no PDF or DOCX.


Anyone experiencing the same problem?


I do love the scanner, but I wish readiris where doing a better job. Anyone using beter software in combination with the IRIScan Anywhere 3 and evernote?


Thanks in advance.



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IRISLink has informed me that they are aware of the issue and have fixed it already. The fixed version has not yet been released though, but if you ask they will provide you with the unreleased version. I have tried it and it seems to be fixed indeed. In the meantime I have been using Noodlesoft's Hazel to automate the scan -> to pdf -> to evernote workflow.

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