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(Archived) Problem with emailed notes




I am fairly new to Evernote and brand new on the forum,  I started using EN seriously last week when I introduced The Secret Weapon into my chaotic work situation.


I have encountered a problem that I cant seem to find the solution for. ) I have searched the forums ;)  )

The problem that I am haven is when I email notes to my EN account, according to what I read the emails if not using tags in the title line should end up in my default library and not have any tags at all.


What I am seeing is that this is quite inconsistent,  sometimes the notes go to my default library but in about 50% of the times they end up in another library, I am also getting other tags attached to my notes, mostly what seems to be random but the location tag for work (@Work) is appearing the most

This also happens when I send an empty message with nothing in the title field.


Do anyone have any ideas what would cause this and also how to solve it?


Besides this annoying issue the first week with TSW have been quite successful.  






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Go to the web client -> Settings -> Personal Settings (https://www.evernote.com/PersonalSettings.action)

Is the checkbox that says "Automatically file and tag notes sent in via email." checked?

I checked it and I am still waiting to see this work. I posted on the forums a while back when I noticed the checkbox appear, and I haven't heard anything about what it actually does. Is there a blog post or something I missed that would tell me what is supposed to happen with it?



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That checkbox was ticked in my settings

Thanks a lot for your help

it looks like it is working like a charm now.


I can appreciate what they are trying to do with this feature but as of now at-least for me it not up to par and consistent enough to be useful.

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