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chrome Clipper Couldn't Start on this page......

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When trying to use Chrome clipper, getting the attached message. Have tried reloading multiple times, now trying the forum. Have not tried re-booting yet, will have to wait until the end of the day for that.


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Had the same issue for Chrome and Mac OSX 10.7.

I managed to get the Web Clipper after several attempts:

  • first try Chrome crashed when trying to start the Web Clipper, gave up
  • tried again after a week or so, and this tome go the "Clipper Couldn't start on this page"
    • After several tries, I got the Login prompt

After some digging, it turned out that my Keychain Access web password for evernote was out-dated, so I suspect this was the cause. So if you encounter the problem I suggest you clear all stored passwords and try again.

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@stefan you were a life saver... \m/


but it started and died again...cleared the password again but still of no use!!!!



after certain digging in I realized you have to reload any pages if browser restores them or else they will show the error...

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