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(Archived) Ignore a notebook or change "everthing"



I am using Evernote to track all my usual notes, meetings etc.  However, I have also started to use Evernote to track URL's via Clearly.


The problem I am having is when search for things, it looks finding terms in all the notes I have saved as something to read later.  All of these notes are in one notebook and Clearly always saves to that notebook.


Really want the search function to ignore that Notebook and only search on everything else.  I realise I can do that by changing the search box, but then need to do it every time.  Any other way ?




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Can't think of one.  By default Search looks at the notebook you have selected.  If there's no selection it goes to All Notes.  There's no default option to ignore one notebook.  Could you put notes into a notebook in a second account and 'share' that notebook with yourself?

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