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(Archived) Clipping RSS Feeds in Outlook 2007


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Sorry if this has been answered before - but I promised I did a few searches before posting.


I use the Evernote 4 plug-in for Outlook 2007.  It works perfectly with email, but when I go down the the RSS feeds the button is disabled.  Is there a way to clip directly from Outlook RSS feeds into EN?  Right now I either have to cut and paste, or open the individual blog entry in its webpage and clip from there.



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Hi - I don't use RSS feeds so have no idea whether there's a workaround to use their output to generate notes,  but I'd imagine that might be a bit hazardous anyway - maybe why the service doesn't already exist as standard.  You'd be giving a third party access to set up new notes in your account without your prior input.  I agree that service is not available - up to you whether you want to make this a feature request!

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