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(Archived) Premium activation not working

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I purchased an upgrade through Paypal, but am still waiting for the product upgrade to activate. The message says it may take up to 5 min, but it's taken hours now. We users do get impatient, especially after making payment, so please activate it for me. Thanks.

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drpiety -

Unfortunate, PayPal makes the decision about which of their users can subscribe to services like ours. We've asked them to enable every possible user, but they are making the ultimate decision based on their own policies. Trust me, we'd love to see them permit you to pay.

If you have a credit card, you could try to subscribe via Google Checkout instead.


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Google Payment will not happen as I will not Register there. You have the first Software I am not able to buy via Paypal. Why should Paypal not allow german customers to use their Service if they do for other Software Companies? Talk to them or do your own protected credit card payment method. It is not wise to make payment difficult users may change their mind. The Premium has not really the bells and whistles that mae it worth buying. I am just registering to support your Evernote Idea. If you let me, dammit!

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For some reason, some German users can register via Paypal, but others cannot. For those that cannot, we have no ability to overturn PayPal's decision. We truly regret this, as we would like to see new paying customers, but we do offer more than one payment option.

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