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(Archived) Importing Evernote Entries from Journler





  I would love to switch over to Evernote from what I am using now which is Journler. My problem of course is Importing all my entries, almost all of which have inline embedded images, photos, audio, hyperlinks.


This script:



Only preserves some of these elements and constantly throws various errors.


Is there anything out there that would preserve my Journler structure but allow me to switch over?


Any help is appreciated.

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I've just tried to transfer my Journler entries to Evernote and had similar problems, which I think I have resolved.

I used Michael Caruso's script with the following minor changes:

- Removed the 3 lines of code (76-78) which set the Category of the Journler entry to an Evernote Tag.

   For some reason I got lots of errors from this. I don'y use Categories, so I didn't loose any useful information, but if you rely on them, my solution won't help you much.

- I replaced lines 112-117 with the following code:


if the type of the anEntryResource is media then

   set filePath to the original path of anEntryResource  

   set aResourceUti to the uti of anEntryResource

   set aResourceType to the type of anEntryResource

   set aResourceAliased to the aliased of anEntryResource


   set aResourceId to the id of anEntryResource


      tell application "Evernote" 

           tell newNote to append attachment filePath

           tell newNote to append text "resource ID:"

           tell newNote to append text aResourceId

           tell newNote to append text "


      end tell

   on error errText number errNum

      tell application "Evernote"

          tell newNote to append text "


          tell newNote to append text "IMPORT PROBLEM:"

          tell newNote to append text errText

          tell newNote to append text " local resourse path is "

          tell newNote to append text filePath

          tell newNote to append text "


          tell newNote to append text "Uti, URI, Type, aliased "

          tell newNote to append text aResourceUti

          tell newNote to append text aResourceType

          tell newNote to append text aResourceAliased

          tell newNote to append text "


     end tell

   end try


The change basically tries to attach a Journler resource to the new Evernote entry and if it fails, it writes some text in the entry to let you know what is missing.

In my case I had some links to folders,  large compressed files (tar, zip) which were either too big for a free account or not supported.

You can then decide what to do with the resource which couldn't get imported to Evernote.


I hope this helps,


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