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(Archived) Encrypting Text on Windows - 2 questions


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So, I've started using the text encrypting and am liking it so far. I have two questions though. 


1. Where do you change the master password for encrypting.


2. When I unencrypt the text, the box that the text is in takes up the entire line and if there is text to the left, need to start a new line of text, which is annoying. Can this be changed or worked around?



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Hmmn.  In my windows client encrypted text shows up as a small icon.  Once it's unencrypted I get back to the normal note window with the hidden text available to see and to edit.  Can you encrypt something harmless and provide a screenshot to show us this problem?


-And once you choose a pass-phrase,  it's fixed unless you decide to use a different phrase.  If you do change the password  in one note I'm not sure what happens to other encrypted content.  You might want to unencrypt everything before you try any experiments...

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