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(Archived) Bug - Copying a Note with tables will not generate a new row correctly



Not sure what the format is for writing / submitting a bug so I'll just stick with what I know: 


RESULT: Copying a Note that has tables, and in that copied not hitting TAB on the last row in the last cell will either exit out of the table, or add a row with double the columns


EXPECTED RESULT: A table in a copied note should behave the same as if it was originally generated in that same note



1. With a Note with a table already created (or create a new note with a new table) Copy the note into a notebook. (same or different notebook doesn't matter)

2. On the copied note put the cursor in the last row - last cell of the table

3. Press Tab, Observe the cursor disappears

4. Press Tab again, Observe the cursor is now below the table and spaced in a bit (I suspect a tabs worth of spaces)

5. Put the cursor back in the last row last cell and press tab...Observe the same behavior occurs

6. Put the cursor back in the last row in the last cell and press tab twice, then press backspace until the cursor is back in the last row last cell location

7. Press Tab and observe you now have a new row, but with twice the number of columns that are originally in the table. 

8. Delete the extra columns and with the cursor in the last cell in the last table press tab

9. Observe that the new row is added correctly with the correct number of columns

10. Close note or evernote and re-open. Tab through the table and observe it continues to work correctly 



Mac OS 10.8.3

Evernote 5.0.6 and 5.0.7, appstore and otherwise version


VIDEO: http://screencast.com/t/d9Wz7KiUzr


Video to big to attach see link. 

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Any traction on this? Anyone else experiencing this? I've seen it on about 5 different MAC's now and it happens so consistently and regularly it's got to be an issue with a newly copied note vs a newly created table. 

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I was seeing this until 5.14 came out which had this fixed (yaaah) so you could try and update the PC desktop version to the latest to see if it also inherited the fix. 
Otherwise I went through support (opened up a ticket) to get the bug reported, which is (I'm making an assumption here) how it ended up getting fixed. 

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