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(Archived) Why isn't Evernote Synced? Iv'e tried and tried...

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I am admittedly brand new to Evernote, but I don't see what I could be doing wrong.


My Evernote account online and my Evernote App on my Mac simply don't match. I have 8 notebooks and, I dunno, 30 notes on my computer, but on my online account there is 1 notebook and 3 articles/notes (that I clipped from online) and there has been NO crossover between them.


I have synced 100 times. I click the circle arrow, it spins for a moment then...no change. I have checked my settings for preferences that could be affecting this. Nothing. But I'm also not seeing anyone else with this problem (well, not since 2011 when there was a known bug). What am I missing?


I also just downloadd the iPhine App but don't want to get started until I know what is going on. Thanks! MvU


P.S. Using Evernote 5.0.6


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Hi and welcome to the forum,


Have you checked to see if you are using the same log in details? Seems daft but we have had people with multiple accounts and not realising this simple mistake.


Are the web missing Notes and Notebooks local ones on your Mac?


Are both accounts definitely yours? You don't have a work colleague or family member who may have an account?


Do you recognise the Notes and Notebooks on the web version? Are they the same as the ones on your Mac?


When the Mac finishes syncing is there a warning message?


Finally can you check the Activity Log to see if there are any obvious errors being flagged. ie can you see it indicating there is a fault with a Notebook or Note?


Failing all of that, it would definitely be worth raising a support ticket. What you have on the web is what Evernote have stored, so again it doesn't really make sense.


Best regards



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My my, aren't you awesome and wasn't that easy? Indeed you are on to something.


Turns out that the account sign in online originally confused me, because when I put in my email it said "email already in use". That gave me the impression it didn't want identiacal sign-ins for the computer app and online account. In hindsight it seems silly of me not to have figured out on the spot but...I'm always jetlagged is my excuse! Anyhow...I did, in that way, accidentally open a parallel account with near-identical sign-in info.


Thanks a ton!

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