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(Archived) Tagging service for notes e-mailed to Evernote

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I use Evernote for saving relevant e-mails. Often, I use following scenario:
  1. I forward an e-mail to my Evernote e-mail address.
  2. During the weekend I assign tag to the note with the e-mail and move it to the correct Evernote folder.
I do it for many e-mails and the effort associated with tagging and moving them to different folders (step 2) is quite high.
Using # and @ texts in the e-mail subject doesn't always work because some of my tags are long (typos are probable).
Is there a service, which allows you to
  1. Set up rules like "When the sender of the e-mail is equal to A, then assign to the generated note tags B, C and D and move it to notebok E".
  2. When I send an e-mail to the e-mail address on this service, it
    1. creates a note in my Evernote account with the contents of the e-mail,
    2. adds tags selected in step 1 and
    3. moves the note into the notebook selected in step 1 (for that particular sender)


In that way, I will be able to write rules like "Assign the tag 'John Smith' for every mail from john.smith@myprovider.ru".

The benefit is that I can specify the rules once and then archive all my e-mails with correct tags just by forwarding them to this service.

Thanks in advance


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I suggest that you look at the IFTTT and Zapier services to see whether they meet your needs. I use Zapier to turn emails from my employers into tagged notes in a specific notebook.

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