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(Archived) ✔ Cannot sync with new email address?


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My account fails to sync. I have changed email addresses and when I log in to evernote, instead of the normal user name, my (new) email address is used when I log in. This was not a problem before the latest update to the windows client (now prerelease). I get a message that the user name and password are incorrect. Are there two sets of user name and password stored on my computer? How do I make sure that my evernote client uses the right one to synchronize my account?

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Same just happened to me as soon as I updated to pre-release.  I then rolled back to the current public release,, and this now seems to work.  It is probably a bug in the beta release.  Just another reminder to me to uncheck the "Update to pre-release versions" box in Options.  As I use Evernote for my business, I no longer have the time, ability or patience to risk it with the beta releases anymore.

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Log off in the Win client, log on again and everything is fine. Same happened to me after update, luckily resolved after log off and log in.


Good luch, EvB.

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