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Change 'Note Location' Still Not Available on OSX



Why is it still impossible to change the note Location in 5.0.7 for Mac? This issue was highlighted when 5.0 was released and it was acknowledged by your live helpers that it was an issue. I downgraded to 3.X and continued using Evernote successfully. I just tried to find a change log of versions on the website, but no such thing seems to exist, which is annoying. Secondly, I decided to try upgrading to the current 5.X just to see if the feature had been reintroduced and it hasn't. Pretty disappointing. It seems the bigger Evernote gets the less agile the decision making and fault correcting gets. 


I've just downgraded again to 3.X - If anyone else wants the install file to do the same (for whatever reason), let me know.

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That's really disappointing. I have chosen not to upgrade OSX because of Pro Tools, which I use daily. EN 5.X states that 10.6 is supported, but obviously not. EN3 still supports editing note location. What's the problem? Disappointing.

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Was this an issue only in certain configurations or something? Because I am able to enter a location on a note in EN 5.07 on my mac without issue, and I am pretty sure I did so months ago as well. I just retested this:

1. created a brand new note on the mac

2. Opened the info panel thing (I don't know what it is called). The location field was already filled in with an address near my current location.

3. Typed in an address for a location on the other side of the country and hit enter.

4. Went to the Atlas view. My new note showed up on the map on the other side of the country as I would expect.



I am on Evernote 5.0.7 and Mac OS 10.8.3 if that makes a difference in this issue.

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I find this very irritating. I was able to manually change the location in 5.5 by copy/pasting the Long & Lat I got from Google Maps. You can drag and drop pins on the map on Evernote's iPhone. I would expect the same from the desktop app. 

The current version of the desktop application for Mac allows you to manually enter location information...

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