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(Archived) Tag tree navigation suggestion


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It's not an important suggestion, but I still want to mention it in case there would be an easy fix that you may want to implement.


When you have navigated through several levels of tags in a nested tag system and finally click a tag you want to use to filter your notes, you are given the option to further filter among the tags that are included within the notes you have now filtered out. This is a great function I use often, but the problem is that you have no option to go back and switch to another tag. This means that if you are working on a project buried deep within your tag system, you have to navigate all the way through the tag tree once again to chose the tag under the tag you had chosen last time. This is a time consuming and rather annoying procedure. When navigating through the tag tree you have a back arrow at the top, If it would be possible to somehow keep this button also when having pressed a tag it would be very helpful and a huge time saver.

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I would like to second this request, but also mention that Evernote running on my Android phone does just what it's supposed to do, the back button goes up the tag tree one level. However, Evernote running on my Nexus 7 tablet works the way gustavgi says, the back button opens some side panel and does not go up the tree, causing frustration.

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