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Hi All
 I am having problems with my todo saved searches.
For some reason my saved searches containing the  todo:false tag: works ok on my laptop using windows 7.
But fails saying no notes found when using the same saved searches on my Samsung galaxy note 2 (android) or my ipad (IOS)
I realise I must be be missing something obvious but I have been trying to sort the problem for over a week and I am still no nearer to sorting the problem.
I would appreciate it if someone could point me in the right direction?
Many Thanks to anyone who responds.
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OK, I tested this a bit. The "todo:false" seemed to have difficulty with searches that also had a "notebook:" term included. These worked fine on the Windows client, but didn't on the latest Android beta. I would recommend opening a support request for this issue. See the link in my signature.

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