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(Archived) PenUltimate for Android. I'd go Premium for it.

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PenUltimate is something that would greatly increase my productivity and ability to use Evernote rather than have to type everything out espcially when the basic characters and symbols are not enough especially for those of us who need to use many symbols, diagrams, and graphs.


I don't quite understand why such a valuable tool is not available for Android when Android users are clearly a very large part of the user base.  On Google Play, Evernote has had 573,758 ratings as of today, April 23rd.  On iTunes, Evernote has only 125,578 ratings for all versions.  If we let only the number of rankings speak, I'd say that Android users are a majority.  Even if the number of rankings doesd not exactly reflect user numbers from each OS, the different is large enough to show just how many Android users use Evernote to enhance productivity and Evernote Corp would be failing many users by not making efforts to increase productivity with an app like PenUltimate which is already available on iOS.


The main reason I don't use Evernote much anymore is that I in science classes which are diagram and chart intensive, the ability to write notes and draw diagrams easily as PenUltimate allows is invaluable.  If PenUltimate were to become available on Android, I would definitely say that the bulk of my note taking would then be on Evernote.  For now, I don't have much use for it as many of my classes are science or math intensive and simply typing out things is extremely limiting.  I can't write a whole slew of symbols for example. 


So please, Evernote Corp, please bring PenUltimate to Android.  I'd glady go premium just for PenUltimate on Android.  The digital consolidation of all my notes and research would be invaluable and the lack fo PenUltimate for Android is perhaps all that is keeping me from doing so and further ushering my productivity into the digital age.



A fan of Evernote



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The handwriting recognition in Android is terrible. If you are that into it download antinotes or papyrus and write your notes in those and email/share into Evernote. I never had good luck with the handwriting or drawing though, mediocre at best.


If you are that into it get the live scribe pen which syncs with Evernote, that is great. Or, get one of the Galaxy Note products. I have the Note 2 and it's note taking and handwriting recognition is superb.

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