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(Archived) Can't even figure out how to keep a gift idea list.

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I can't believe this app is as popular as it is without sub-notebooks. What I want to do is really simple. I want to have a notebook for Gift Ideas. In that Notebook I want all the various people who id be shopping for. For each person I'd like a text list and perhaps a web clip or two. How do you do this so it still feels like I can access an actual notebook even by using tags?

If this can't be done elegantly, can someone recommend an iphone and web app that does? Thanks.

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I'd recommend putting all of your gift lists into a single notebook and then use tags to organize and find individual notes.

You could make a top-level tag "People" or "Gifts", and then make sub-tags under there for each person on your list. That way, you don't need to see each of those people's names when you're not looking for them.

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Thanks for the response. So to create a quasi-gift list for a certain person do I create a saved search of say "Gift, Fred?" Of course, if all this access is done via tags, why the need for any notebooks at all? Sorry I'm just confused as to how this works and I don't see my examples on how to apply EN. It seems that everyone just wants sub-notebooks.

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Feel free to just ignore "notebooks" and use "tags" instead if you want a lot of fine-grained hierarchical organization of small groups of notes. Notebooks are larger, exclusive collections of notes.

You could make a saved search, but in your case it sounds like just clicking on the tag will get you what you want.

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Create a tag called Gifts.

Create sub-tags such as gifts.jack, gifts.jill, gifts.expensive, whatever...

tag your notes with any of your subtags. every now and then choose a subtag and "select all" Ctrl A, then drag the parent tag (in your case "Gifts") onto it. Now you can instantly select all notes with the main parent tag or sub-tags with just one click. easy.

I reluctantly used tags at the beginning as I saw I had no choice. I wouldn't go back now. It open your mind to different ways of organizing your information.

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