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(Archived) Which do I need Premium or Business?

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Hi Everyone,


Our company needs a central place to add and update hotfixes for our computer program. Basically we all need to be able to login at the same time and add new fixes or workarounds or update each others notes. We take phone calls for support on our software, so all having access to fixes and workarounds would be great. Evernote seems to do what we want, however we're not entirely sure which version we need, business or premium? 


What restrictions would we face just sticking with the basic free edition at present and all login using the same credentials?


I look forward to your replies, pretty keen to get using this.

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You will have lots of sync errors and conflicts because Evernote is not designed to be used by multiple users with the same login.


In your position I'd be looking at JIRA by Atlassian.

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Wouldn't evernote business then get around that? That was partly my question. 


Everyone has their own account and can edit and add notes which all other users have access rights to? 



Evernote does not have a check in/check out type system for notes.  If one or more users is editing the same note at the same time, you *will* get conflicts.

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OK, thanks for that information. I don't think we'd all be editing the same notes at any one point. Its more so just so everyone can view the same notes at the same time and add to the bundle of notes every now and again. I'm glad I came here to ask. 

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