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(Archived) Long delay when entering tags


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After I copy text from a web page to Evernote -- by use of a hot key -- I click the popup to bring up that note, and then add tags.


However, whether I "click to add tag" or use F3, there is a long delay before I can enter the first tag.  During this delay there is a lot of disk activity.


I use Evernote almost exclusively without syncing to the web.  The database is 1.9 GB, and I have about 100 tags.  The computer, which runs Windows 7 Pro, is top of the line with lots of memory.  The disk the databse is located on is not fragmented and does not spin down.  


The delay occurs the first time that I clip something to Evernote.  Adding tags to notes created soon (within 5 minutes) thereafter goes without delays.


What can I do to fix that initial delay?

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I'm also a W7 user (on a netbook with minimal resources) with a far larger database. While there are some pauses when adding a clip to the database,  they're not showstoppers.  You've already covered the obvious system questions - I'd suggest raising a support ticket (see below) to see what the lab guys can come up with.  You might want to backup your database - I'd expect they may suggest you uninstall and reinstall everything and allow your database to be rebuilt from the server.

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The problem is solved.  By looking in the log file I noticed that each time I click Evernote away (e.g. the icon stays in the tray, but not on the task bar) the database closes.  Therefore each time I clipped a new note, it took some time before I could add tags.  


After pinning the Evernote icon to the taks bar, the delay no longer occurs.



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