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My Samsung Galaxy Nexus has stopped syncing, on the phone I get the error "Last sync failed at 21 Apr 13.58 columns note_guid, tag_guid are not unique"


This is the error log below:





IsTablet: false
Locale: en_GB
Service: https://www.evernote.com
Package: com.evernote
Brand: google
Model: Galaxy Nexus
Network operator: 23415 / vodafone UK
Android version: 4.2.2
Evernote version: 5.0.3
Evernote revision: AndroidMarket_50x_335
Evernote type: public
Internal storage: 4 GB / 13 GB
External storage: 4 GB / 13 GB


Exception: null
Date: Thursday, 14 February 2013
Type: Note
Guid: 5dbf5f56-6616-47e4-88be-3c25dff686dc
Count: 0
Exception: null
Date: Sunday, 17 February 2013
Type: Note
Guid: 3eb305b5-9d4d-4fb1-aaa0-7d12e6eb09d9
Count: 0
Exception: EDAMUserException(errorCode:DATA_CONFLICT, parameter:Tag.name)
Date: Wednesday, 27 March 2013
Type: Tag
Guid: 37a6df5f-4829-4c95-b3fb-9b65643d7eb5
Count: 1

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Probably late, but might be good for future reference:

Had the same error today.

- uninstall Evernote app on phone

- delete /storage/sdcard0/Evernote folder

- reinstall app

- login and resync => now all working.

There seems to be an external-%uuid%-Evernote.db file in the /storage/sdcard0/Evernote/user-%uid%

- possibly that is the corrupted database, so you might try deleting just that one (but I have not tried that myself).

Good luck.


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Thanks for your reply miroslav, before I tried your fix I just received

 this advice from Evernote tech support:




We're sorry you're having issues with Evernote for Android.

1) To get your Evernote client functioning as soon as possible, please sign out of your account in the upper left and wait for it to close completely.


2) Reboot your Android device and sign back in to Evernote. However, this will cause you to lose any changes that have not yet been uploaded.*


If you're still experiencing issues, we believe that reinstalling the latest version of the Android client may address your issue.


3) * Please uninstall the Android client


4)* Reboot (power cycle) your device. This will remove any unsynced notes, so be sure to save any important unsynced data first*.


5)* Visit the Android Market and search for "Evernote" to download and install the latest Application.


6)*If you are an advanced user, you may preserve your Pending notes by performing the following steps:

Mount the SD card to your desktop computer and look in:/sdcard/Evernote/user###/notes/. You'll find a series of subdirectories containing HTML versions of your notes with .enml extensions. You can copy this folder to your desktop computer. You will need to rename the .enml files to .html first, then you can open them in your browser and "Clip" them into Evernote.


As it turned out I only had to carry out steps 1) and 2) and it started syncing again, I also carried out step 6, and copied the pictures that I had taken from the notes straight to my dropbox account, before I lost them on the reboot

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Losing pictures would have been disaster

used sharing option within Evernote (to send them to Google+) rather than taking out SDCard


However signout & reboot, seemed to cure problem - indeed uploaded files before I'd signed back in - strange...

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