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After the launch of Facebook Home, and the talk of Evernote hardware, I was thinking how cool it would be to have Evernote put out a launcher for android. It could see features like:

- Use dolphin as default browser (for clipper)

- Save to Evernote from anywhere in OS

- Default Memo app (duh)

- Share menu option to start annotating directly on screen, faster than skitch is now, sort of like how the galaxy note works

- Evernote Hello as contacts

- Partner or develop their own email client with total Evernote integration including attaching, sharing, etc.

- File manager accesses Evernote saved documents (the weakest point of their current mobile experience in my opinion is the accessing and editing of attached files)

- Apps made to display Evernote notes in different ways, eg, photo app pulls Evernote pictures into a gallery from notes, voice memo app pulls all voice memos into one location.

- These apps could be setup to only pull files from notes with a certain tag or in a specific notebook so that there isn't irrelevant files in the apps.

I'd like to see Evernote ingrained as much into the phones experience as possible. Some of these ideas would probably come better as a forked OS rather than a skin, but hey, just brainstorming. I've come pretty close to full evernote integration on android devices, but I'd love to see an Evernote-made solution. Anyone else?

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That would be wonderful,also I am thinking of a Evernote specific gadget with eink colored screen just for note taking and just for Evernote like amazon kindle..and should be sold for a cheap price..the current problem with Evernote is that it is not always there I mean not available as readily as someone needs it to be.for example I am playing a game and an idea comes up I want to upload it to Evernote,the mlutistep process hinders me from doing that.

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