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(Archived) Business Tag Creation and Sharing

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I have been searching for a little bit and am having trouble finding good information on how tags are handled in Evernote Business.


Does any user have the ability to create a tag that will be shared with all business users? How about if the notebook is shared with a free user, can the free user create shared business tags?


Do these tags show up in a different spot on the Windows UI then personal tags?



Thanks for your help, we are debating upgrading to a Business account, I just want to make sure it gives us the capabilities we are looking for.


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Hi rbboot,


I can confirm that any user can create a tag that will be shared with all users. I am not aware if a free user can also create a tag, but doubt they will be able to log into a business account. Good question though, we shall have to wait for an answer from someone who can test it as I don't have a free account to set it up.


Best regards



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Thanks for the information. Its great to know multiple users can create tags.


I am curious if a Business Notebook can be shared to a Free User and what those limitations may be. We have a limited group of people to start that will need to full power of Evernote Business. I am guessing that the Business Library would not be available to Free Users, but that is a limitation we can work with.

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Hi rbboot,

When it comes to tags with Evernote Business, if the person sharing the business notebook gives modify rights to the other business users, then the users are able to add new tags to the notes that they have modify access.


If you share a notebook to a Free user and give this user modify access, they will not be able to add new tags, but rather add existing tags that are in the notebook to the note.  


To see business tags in the Window client, select the business notebook and it will display all the tags associated with that specific notebook. If you select the "Business" section of notebooks, it will display all the business tags associated with the business notebooks that you have joined. 


Last, you are correct in that if a user is not a part of the business, they will not see the business library.

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