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(Archived) Evernote Clipper shows in Taskbar


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Hi everyone,


'EvernoteClipper' appears in the Windows taskbar (see picture). It automatically pops up whenever I restart Windows. even though Evernote isn't running (I have auto run on boot turned off). This only started happening after I reformatted my computer a couple weeks ago. 




To be honest, I'm not even sure what it does, since left clicking on it does nothing and right clicking will bring up the menu in the picture. 


Hopefully someone can help; I haven't tried clipping anything (since I don't really think I can now... there is no option anywhere) but everything else works fine. 



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Hi - what would you like to happen here?  If you're simply looking to get rid of the icon,  then select and drag the icon off the task bar and delete it.  If you then exit Windows normally and restart,  it should stay gone.  If it does come back you may have an entry in a Startup folder or in the Registry somewhere - a system cleanup with something like Glary Utilities may help you resolve that.  (Due dilgence - avoid invitations to try out 'pro' if you can,  and read the options when you're installing the software.  It may invite you to install a browser search bar you don't need.  As long as you avoid random temptations this is actually good software!)


If you do want to clip something,  try right-clicking in the browser window,  or Win-key + PrtScn on the desktop.

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It's not that the program (Note here that it's not actually the Evernote program; it's name is 'EvernoteClipper') is pinned to the taskbar (it's not). So, dragging the icon off doesn't work unfortunately. Also please note that it's that the program is starting every time Windows starts, so restarting Windows also doesn't work. I'd rather not play around with my registry, so I'll just keep exiting the program like I have been.


Thanks for trying, though.

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