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SUGGESTION: Evernote for Windows should mimic Evernote for Android's search behavior


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When I type "sharepoint" into my Evernote for Windows application, I get a huge list of results. Here are some suggestions...


  1. Filter should have grouping functionality similar to Evernote for Android.

    E.g. if I change grouping to "By Notebook" the results should be visually grouped by notebook, not simply ordered by notebook.
    E.g. if I change grouping to "By Tag" the results should be visually grouped by tag, not simply sorted by tag
  2.  Results in which where the notes contain the search criteria as one of its Tags or as part of the Title should be ranked higher.

    E.g. If I search for "Powershell" then notes tagged with Powershell tag or having "powershell" in its title should be ranked higher or differentiated.


Thanks for listening!


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In #1, The notebooks grouping idea seems useful (even more useful if they added the ability to collapse/expand a grouping, perhaps), particularly in Windows snippet view, where notebooks are not shown in the snippet. Sorting by tags (more precisely, sorting by tag name) has never seemed particularly useful to me, as notes can have multiple tags -- how should the groupings go? On the first tag? On the unique set of tags?

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