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Different Keyboard Layout Shortcuts


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Dear All

today I spent a fair amount of time to find insert date and time on swedish layout keyboard shortcut.

so I think maybe other people like me who use different layouts can collaborate to create a guide for different shortcuts so that we gave back something to the community!


For starter in swedish layout this command is done by pressing ctrl+¨ 



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Check out Keyman, which is a program that people have been using for 15 years or so to do keyboard layouts in majority and minority languages around the world. http://www.tavultesoft.com/ Swedish layouts are here: http://www.tavultesoft.com/keyman/downloads/keyboards/search.php?Submit=search&Search=swedish&x=0&y=0 Microsoft also has an option built into windows for setting up simple keyboards.

well I don't mean I want an overlay keyboard hanging around on my screen, since I already divided my screen in two for my research purpose, and beside I can use other keyboard layouts inside the Windows as you mentioned through the language setting. what I meant is that you eventually gonna need a quick keyboard shortcut if you need to type a lot of text and being a keyboard shortcut person, otherwise if I have to use mouse or pay for something, I rather to use the mouse.

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