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Please default to save on exit

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I keep losing notes.  On the PC version of Evernote notes are automatically saved on exit.  On the Android version notes are deleted by default.  "Remember everything with Evernote" is not working for me.  It would be appreciated if you could change the default to save notes on exit and not delete them.


I know that there is a save button and I know that there is a pop up but I am used to hitting the back button in Android to exit apps and I expect the tool to save notes by default and not delete them.  Yes you can point at me and say its my fault for mistakenly using the Android back button but when you are in customer meetings and distracted by shaking hands and departure you expect and hope that the tool will do what you expect and not delete notes by default.


This is the fifth time I have lost critical notes from a customer meeting.  I cannot afford to keep losing notes.  Its frustrating.  If I was designing the tool I would default to save and not exit.  If you want to delete the note you can do it easily after exiting.

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I had trouble replicating this scenario in the 5.1 beta. Evernote is not supposed to delete unsynced notes.


When I am editing a note, and hit the back button, it asks me if I want to discard the note. OK discards it; Cancel puts you back into the note editor. You much hit the "save" checkmark to actually save it. This may be different from what you see in the version that you're using.


A better UI might be to offer Save as well as the current OK and Cancel selections at the point where you escape the note editor.

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Hi jefito.

Evernote does provide a popup message but when you are distracted and saying your good byes at the end of a meeting it is easy to be distracted, not read the popup and just assume that by default it will save your notes and not delete them.  I would prefer that it did not have a pop up at all.  They are really annoying anyway - especially when you are busy and more focussed on the customer rather than your gadgets.  It should simply save the notes by default.  You can delete them easily after exiting anyway.  And throwing away notes is far less likely than wanting to keep them - the default should be to keep them not delete them.  This change eliminates the risk of losing notes - which I have done half a dozen times now.  Its very frustrating and spoils what is generally a very useful tool.

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I lost a very important work-related picture in this same manner. I was in an office distracted by a doctor, took a picture of some equipment I was working on (as a note), got to my shop, and the pic is gone. "Remembers most things as long as you focus on the correct annoying procedure". If I didn't want to remember it, I wouldnt have made the note. It can always be deleted later if I really want to "Discard" it.

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XJW and gnologic: I think that you both have valid arguments here; thanks for explaining it out for me (I wasn't sure that I had the scenario correct). I know that Evernote staff does read these posts, so I think that they will be picked up as feature requests, but it can't hurt to open a support request on the issue either, which I'd encourage you to do.

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I submitted a case for this issue (15369#).



I repeatedly lose notes because Evernote default to delete notes and not save them.

I know you have a save button but I am used to using the back button on Android.

I know you have a pop-up message but when you are leaving a meeting and saying good bye it is easy to be distracted - and expect the app to save and not delete your notes.

As a rule, the default should always be to save notes and not delete them. In 99% of cases users will want to keep their notes. They are easily deleted later.


I guess it will depend on the perspective of the tech reading the case.  They can ignore the case and put it down to user error.  Or they can look at it from a user perspective and understand the frustration and nagging trepidation that I will lose important meeting notes yet again !!!!


I think my logic is correct - it should default to save notes and not delete them.  IMO it would be better to have a delete option in the menu and default to save.  This would also eliminate the need for an annoying pop up message.  I hate pop up messages.  I hate it when an app demands my attention.  It should just work - and in this case it should just save my notes and not delete them.

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Please post your thoughts if this resonates with you.


Again - you can say I just need to be more careful - but its my view that it could easily be designed better to eliminate the risk.

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XJW, 100% resonation :)

As proof positive that even they have some idea this would be the "correct" thing to do, it is how the PC behaves already. And that is not even with the chance of fiddling around with a thin awkward phone in one hand while trying to focus on a conversation at the same time. Thumb fumble onto the OK (to discard) button and all your work vanishes. It is actually silly to even think this has to be requested. Just silly. It's not a hard-to-pin bug, it's not a "feature", it's not some new experimental thing, it's not a crazy off the wall request, it's not like you're asking for EN to be a calculator, or a full blown word processor, you just want the thing to very simply save your note because it's a note app with the slogan "Remember Everything" that doesn't. Yeah, it's resonating.


By the way, thanks for submitting. It's a good idea that makes sense, so ... good luck with that.

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Well it looks like Evernote have closed the case with no indication of whether the issue will be resolved and no way for me to track the issue. For all I know a faceless tech has simply binned the case with no thought or consideration for improving the tool. Its possible they will follow it up but with this approach to support I will never know and I am left feeling angry, frustrated and not in any way inclined to speak well of Evernote.

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@XJW: Evernote support will close tickets if there's no actual continuing conversation. It's true that they don't give visibility into their ticketing system, but I'd be pretty sure that techs do not have the ability to "bin" an issue. What they will do is pass it up the chain so that it can be prioritized for fixing, if that's what Evernote intends to do. Since this is a problem that can lead to data loss; I would hope that it would be fixed.

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While this may seem annoying, the opposite can be a nightmare if one is editing a relatively long note. Say the user opens the note, gets to the edit mode, makes some valid changes and saves the note. After that, he mistakingly puts in a space or a newline, or some gibberish character into the note (thanks to the crampy on-screen keyboard). Now if the note is saved by default, it would continue to have that wrong character. This is THE reason why I don't use CatchNotes. Please do not implement this. Rather having a separate, visible button for Save would be a far better option.

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It would be better to have a delete button/option for the eventuality that you describe.  If both delete and save were available then your concern is addressed and notes could he saved by default eliminating the risk of loss. 

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Ok customer support are closing the case and tell me that they cannot provide me with any further updates. This is most frustrating as I am now nervous to use Evernote incase I lose critical notes again. I suggested that they make the following changes.  It would simplify the exit process and eliminate the risk of losing notes.


To implement this change you will likely need to do something like this.
- Add a cancel option to the menu so that users can discard changes if they need to.
- Change the function of the Android "Back" key so that it will automatically save on exit.
- Eliminate the annoying pop up message dialog for the "Back" key.

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