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(Archived) New List Note type

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I have a suggestion (or wish, or sorts). Would it be possible to add a new type of note to Evernote: A list note. That is, each note consists of a list of items (sorted/unsorted) with optional priorities and other features. Currently, I use plain text notes with bullet points or simply newlines to make these, but a dynamic list with drag-and-droppables could be more useful.

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* things I must do today

    * write this suggestion

    * come up with other ideas

           * about apps

           * about music streaming

* things to do tomorrow

     * Check this post


When top section "collapsed" would display



(+) things I must do today

* things to do tomorrow

     * Check this post

where you can click the + to re-expand the list.
Similar to a file directory structure tree.
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This would be great but personally I'd be happy with an App which parsed out todo:false items into one location for starters; happier still if checking these would sync back to the orignal note.


EN is great but if you only have a small amount of time available it would be ideal to scan tasks quickly to see if you can kill a task or 2 rather than read through a number of notes to find a task to target.

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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