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(Archived) Crashes after upgrade to 4.6.4


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Ever since we upgraded to 4.6.4 we're experiencing these issues.  I've tried removing and reinstalling, clearing browser caches, removing and reinstalling extensions, but things persist.  Windows 7 Pro machine. We initially had an issue with the update failing, but that was resolved.


Any help would be greatly appreciated.



I get a periodic pop-up message from evernote that says “sync failed due
to unexpected behavior on the client side”.  This was occurring after the
update failed to install as well, but is now continuing.  If I then
manually log in to the web clipper (an extension in chrome), it
 temporarily resolves, but has to be manually overridden like that each

Upon shutdown, the evernote extensions in chrome crash.  I did
reload them yesterday, but the crashes continue. I think it is sync related as
they probably are trying to sync before closing.  The same thing is also
happening with another extension in chrome (delicious) – again, only since the
evernote problem first occurred as it always functioned smoothly beforehand.

There are some duplicate notes – not all, but if I had to guess at a
pattern, it would be those that were uploaded or created after the problem with
evernote first began to occur.


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This thing is on, but it's a user forum; people will post if they get a chance. With respect to the 4.6.4 problem, you might check out the topic here: http://discussion.evernote.com/topic/36401-windows-error-code-2732-workarounds/. Not sure about the problem with Chrome extensions -- those are independent of the Windows client I think.


You may want to open a support request with Evernote; see the link in my signature.

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Thanks jefito, I did open a support ticket with Evernote wayback when and never heard a thing from them either!


I've followed all the discussions I could find on these issues inclduing the link you provided (thank you) with poor success.  Clearing caches makes it better for one day or less.

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New version corrected this behavior.  Pretty sad that there was no other level of support for this.  We're moving away from these products due to this.

Thanks and good luck

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