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(Archived) Two way sync to a standard file system on a mac



I am trying to sync my entire evernote system to my computer (two way) so that I can look at my evernote "notes" in a folder, the same way a standard file system works on a mac.


I have tried using services like socialfolders and cloud HQ and both sorta work, however both create folders that mirror my notebooks but then within those notebook folders they not only creates "note" folders (each corresponding to the individual notes) but they also create other individual documents that lie outside the corresponding folder.  These leads to more confusion...


I want to sync a notebook to my computer that will create a folder that mirrors the notebook itself and then each of the notes within the notebook would then be mirrored to individual folders nested within the main notebook folder...


Is this possible? Does a service exist? Can a script be written?


Any help would be appreciated.

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I don't mean to be negative or rude,  but you're trying to recreate the complete Evernote content experience without actually using Evernote?  Since you get all of the above by using Evernote's desktop client (except the files are in Evernote format rather than native Mac format) I don't see why they'd even consider adding this option.  It requires a lot of work just so their service is totally dispensible. 


If you were converting to another service,  or wanted to extract a specific file for something,  then the 'share' or 'export' options should be sufficient.  Other than that I don't know of anything that would help - sorry.

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The evernote experiece itself is phenomonal, however in a work environment the use of a standard file system can be quite handy for backup and well as sync and also in relating to your data and keeping it interactive and sortable with other systems...


If all we used evernote for was keeping track of notes and such I'd agree, but it is so much more than that and should be used to its fullest capacity. I beleive my point is evidenced by the myriad of third party apps that already exist and are continuing to come online. The point being ultimately it is "your" data and you should continue to find way to manipulate it and use it ways that are most comfortable to you as an individual and help you and your team to be more productive..


That is all I am trying to achieve...

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